Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Official Update of My Life at The Record

This is an exclusive. Breaking news and any other journalism cliche you can think of.

After about a month or so of waitng, I have the official update on my life at The Record and some things are changing.

I now am officially the college sports writer at The Record.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that I will be covering UAlbany (including this weekend's America East championship) and Siena on the regular now, as well as RPI, Sage, St. Rose and keeping tabs on local kids competing at a collegiate level across the country.

Now, I've been covering HS sports at The Record since 2011 and I have loved every single part of it. I am not even exaggerating. This job has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I've loved being able to shine some light and ink on the incredibly talented group of student-athletes who live and compete in Section II.

You guys have been nothing short of fantastic and you've made my job as fun as it has been for the last two and a half years. I've seen you guys dominate on the field and as people in general, seen you win league championships, Section II finals and state titles.

It has been awesome.

I am not disappearing though. I'll still be working at The Record and I'll still be doing HS stuff this spring, especially when it comes to sectionals time. I'll also be doing the basketball all-stars for this past season, so I'm not running away.

In the meantime, you guys should go follow our new HS writer Sean Grogan on Twitter at @Sean_TroyRecord. Feel free to stick around on Twitter with me too. I'll still have HS info on there as well as college updates and interesting tidbits about how many episodes of SVU I will have watched by the end of the week. Hint, it will be at least two full seasons.

This isn't the end of anything and it's certainly not a formal good bye. This is simply a long thank you note to all of you guys for being so incredible over the last few seasons. It's been my honor to see you guys compete and I'm incredibly excited for this next step.


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