Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 Section II Football Schedule: Small Schools

As promised, the small-school schedule for the 2014 football season.

Just as before, we've got some serious changes happening this season.

Catholic Central-Bishop Gibbons-Saratoga Catholic will be competing as a trio of schools under one team in Class C. Also joining forces are Lake George and Hadley Luzerne, competing in Class C as well. The addition of the two schools - as well as Greenwich's move back up - has split Class C into three leagues this season.

Under the cut, check out Class B, C and D schedules for each week. Happy football!

Class B
Week 1
Albany Academy at Ravena
Cohoes at Broadalbin-Perth
Ichabod Crane at Hudson
Glens Falls at Schalmont
Cobleskill at Hudson Falls
Johnstown at Schuylerville

Week 2
Albany Academy at South Glens Falls
Cohoes at Schalmont
Hudson at Cobleskill
Ravena at Ichabod Crane
Hudson Falls at Johnstown
Glens Falls at Broadalbin-Perth 
Schuylerville at Corinth

Week 3
Cohoes at Hudson
Ichabod Crane at Hudson Falls
Ravena at Lansingburgh
Schalmont at Albany Academy
Glens Falls at Cobleskill
Broadalbin-Perth at Schuylerville
SchoBurgh at Johnstown

Week 4
Albany Academy at Ichabod Crane
Cohoes at Glens Falls
Hudson at Ravena
Burnt Hills at Schalmont
Cobleskill at Johnstown
Broadalbin-Perth at Hoosick Falls
Schuylerville at Hudson Falls

Week 5
Cohoes at Ichabod Crane
Taconic Hills at Hudson
Ravena at Schalmont
Hudson Falls at Glens Falls
Scotia at Cobleskill
Johnstown at Broadalbin-Perth
Schuylerville at Albany Academy

Week 6
Cohoes at Albany Academy
Ichabod Crane at Voorheesville
Ravena at Johnstown
Schalmont at Hudson
Hudson Falls at Mohonasen
Broadalbin-Pert at Cobleskill
Schuylerville at Glens Falls

Week 7 
Cohoes at Ravena
Hudson at Albany Academy
Schalmont at Ichabod Crane
Hudson Falls at Broadalbin-Perth
Cobleskill at Schuylerville
Johnstown at Glens Falls

Class C
Week 1
Corinth at LG/HL
Granville at Greenwich
Hoosick Falls vs. TB
CCSCBG at Voorheesvile
Tamarac at Mechanicville
Stillwater at Watervliet
Chatham at Coxsackie-Athens
Taconic Hills at Schoburg

Week 2
Corinth at Schuylerville
Mechanicville at Granville
Greenwich at Stillwater
Hoosick Falls at LG/HL
CCSCBG at Tamarac
Watervliet at Voorheesville
Fonda at Cairo-Durham
Schoburgh at Chatham

Week 3
Granville at Corinth
LG/HL at Greewnich
Tamarac at Hoosick Falls
Stillwater at CCSCBG
Voorheesville at Mechanicville
Chatham at Watervliet
Cairo-Durham at Coxsackie-Athens
Taconic Hills at Fonda
Johnstown at Scohburg

Week 4
Corinth at Greenwich
LG/HL at Granville
Broadalbin-Perth at Hoosick Falls
Coxsackie-Athens at CCSCBG
Mechanicville at Stillwater
Watervliet at Tamarac
Voorheesville at Taconic Hills
Schoburg at Cairo-Durham
Fonda at Chatham

Week 5
Hoosick Falls at Corinth
Stillwater at Granville
Greenwich at Coxsackie-Athens
Mechanicville at LG/HL
CCSCBG at Watervliet
Tamarac at Voorheesville
Chatham at Cair-Durham
Schoburg at Fonda
Hudson at Taconic Hills

Week 6
Corinth at Schoburg
Granville at CCSCBG
Greenwich at Hoosick Falls
LG/HL at Chatham
Watervliet at Mechanicville
Stillwater at Tamarac
Voorheesville at Ichabod Crane
Cairo-Durham at Taconic Hills
Fonda at Coxsackie-Atehns

Week 7 
Corinth at Fonda
Hoosick Falls at Granville
Cairo-Durham at Greenwich
Tamarac at LG/HL
CCSCBG at Mechanicville
Voorheesville at Stillwater
Watervliet at Green Tech
Taconic Hills at Chatham
Schoburg at Coxsackie-Athens

Class D
Week 1
Fort Edward at Rensselaer
Whitehall at Canajoharie
Salem at Cambridge
Warrensburg at Hoosic Valley

Week 2
Cambridge at Canajoharie
Salem at Whitehall
Rensselaer at Warrensburg
Hoosic Valley at Fort Edward

Week 3
Hoosic Valley at Salem
Rensselaer at Cambridge
Canajoharie at Warrensburg
Fort Edward at Whitehall

Week 4
Salem at Rensselaer
Hoosic Valley at Canajoharie
Whitehall at Warrensburg
Cambridge at Fort Edward

Week 5
Cambridge at Whitehall
Canajoharie at Fort Edward
Rensselaer at Hoosic Valley
Warrensburg at Salem

Week 6
Canajoharie at Rensselaer
Whitehall at Hoosic Valley
Salem at Fort Edward
Warrensburg at Cambridge

Week 7 
Fort Edward at Warrensburg
Canajoharie at Salem
Hoosic Valley at Cambridge
Rensselaer at Whitehall


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