Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wasaren League Girls Basketball All-Stars Announced

It's all-star day for the Wasaren League.

Tamarac senior Jenna Erickson, who broke the all-time Bengals scoring record earlier this season, was named league MVP.

Under the cut check out all of the Wasaren League girls all-stars and congratulations on a wonderful season.

MVP: Jenna Erickson, Tamarac

Alexis Case, Greenwich
Adiya Henderson, Tamarac
Lauren Madigan, Hoosic Valley
Alyssa Paul, Hoosic Valley
Mariah Linnett, Greenwich

Abbey Higgins, Stillwater
Racchel Pine, Hoosick Falls
Kelly Pine, Hoosick Falls
Carsen Williams, Hoosick Falls
Sarah Cuddihy, Cambridge

Stilllwater: Brooke Ferrell
Hoosic Valley: Sam Carlo, Tracy Anderson, Lauren McGreevy
Greenwich: Samantha Whitehouse, Maddy Schafer
Tamarac: Jillian Gavin, Alex Mitchell, Dierdre Werner
Hoosick Falls: Olivia Schneider, Megan Flynn
Schuylerville: Valerie Liptack
Granville: Heather Chapman


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