Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wasaren League Girls Soccer All-Stars

Here we go, one more time. That was a NSYNC song lyric for those out of the loop.

I come bearing more all-star lists and this time we've got the Wasaren League girls soccer standouts for 2013.

Check out the first, second and honorable mention teams under the cut. Congratulations to everyone on a great season!

Bridget Alber - Schuylerville, Jr. D
Mackenzie Hinchcliffe - Hoosick Falls, Sr. M
Maria Clemente - Tamarac, Sr. M
Rachel Pine - Hoosick Falls, Jr. M
Erica Nicholes - Stillwater, Jr. D
Gabby Capobianco - Schuylerville, Jr. Striker
Brittany Whitford - Hoosic Valley, Sr. M
Jordyn Rousselle - Schuylerville, Sr. M
Rebecca DeRubertis - Tamarac, Sr. M
Sydney Fitzpatrick - Hoosic Valley, Sr. Striker
Samantha Marko - Schuylerivlle, Jr. D
Jordyn Haynes - Hoosick Falls, So. Striker
Hannah Fricke - Hoosick Falls, Sr. K

Claire Albrecht - Greenwich, Sr. M
Alexis Lockrow - Stillwater, Jr. D
Kaitlyn Brewster - Stillwater, Sr. K
Samantha Carlo - Hoosic Vallley, Sr. K
Alyssa Houghton - Hoosick Falls, Jr. D
Madeline Nevins - Schuylerville, Fr. Striker
Annie Paone - Tamarac, Jr. Striker
Nicole Soultanian - Stillwater, Sr. M
Emily Robert - Hoosic Valley, Fr. D
Hannah Lilac - Hoosick Falls, Sr. D
Natasha Capobianco - Schuylerville, So. M
Dana O'Malley - Hoosick Falls, Sr. M
Sarah Cuddihy - Cambridge, Sr. M
Madison Mahar - Stillwater, Sr. D

Sara Baker - Schuylerville, So. K
Gabby Hilder - Granville, Jr. K
Marissa McCarthy - Schuylerville, Sr. M
Gabrielle VanDeWater - Greenwich, Fr. D
Alyssa Giordano - Hoosick Falls, Sr. M
Mackenzie Flaherty - Tamarac, Jr. Striker
Rachel Baker - Schuylerville, Sr. D
Claire Seifert - Hoosick Falls, Sr. D
Alyssa Paul - Hoosic Valley, Jr. M
Kelly Pine - Hoosick Falls, Fr. D
Lauren Madigan - Hoosic Valley, Sr. Striker
Hannah Jones - Granville, Jr. M
Camille Gardner - Tamarac, Fr. D
Halle King - Tamarac, Sr. M
Samantha Casale - Tamarac, Jr. M
Eliza Johnson - Tamarac, So. D


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