Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Patroon Conference Girls Soccer All-Stars

Tis the season for all-star listings!

This time around we've got the Patroon Conference girls soccer all-stars for the 2013 season. Under the cut check out the first and second teams for the league and congratulations to everyone on a great season!

Elisabeth Morehouse - Coxsackie-Athens, Jr. M
Carly Johnson - Greenville, Jr. F
Carly Bulich - Catskill, Jr. F
Gen DeFrancesco - Coxsackie-Athens, So. M
Jessica Patzwahl - Chatham, Jr. Sweeper
Margaret Gardiner - Greenville, Sr. F
Charissa Gardener - Hudson, Jr. M
Jamie Albrecht - Taconic Hills, Sr. F
Julianna Rauf - Greenville, Jr. K
Emily DeFrancesco - Coxsackie-Athens, Sr. M
Tayor Caputo - Cairo-Durham, Jr. Sweeper
Caitlin Doyle - Chatham, Sr. M
Sarah Freiss - Maple Hill, F

Lauren Konsul - Catskill, Sr. M
Alexis Pascuzzi - Coxsackie-Athens, So. F
Emily Mitchell - Greenville, Sr. Sweeper
Shannon VanTassel - Chatham, Fr. F
Victoria Juliano - Cairo-Durham, Sr. D
Gigi DeCamp - Cairo-Durham, Sr. F
Kassadi Bulich - Catskill, Sr. M
Sabrina Sepowski - Maple Hill, Jr. M
Ashley Donovan - Coxsackie-Athens, Sr. K
Lindsay Mannion - Maple Hill, Jr. Sweeper
Colleen Bowden - Greenville, Sr. M
Erin Persons - Chatham, So. M
Kaitlin Hair - Coxsackie-Athens, Sr. M


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