Friday, March 1, 2013

It's The Final VOTING CLOSED: Four (or Countdown) - The Record's Ultimate Warm-Up Mix

That joke seems insensitive to The Final Countdown since it was voted out in an earlier round, but I couldn't help myself. The joke was there and it had to be made.

We're down to four songs. That's right; FOUR SONGS! Now, listen, I know there has been some trouble with actually voting as opposed to simply just looking at the page. Now that we're down to just FOUR SONGS though, I've had an idea. You guys can tweet me your choices for the songs - so just two songs - and I will absolutely vote for you. I'm willing to do that for you. Just tweet @LauraAmato.

Super easy, right? Now, you've got through Saturday to vote for the final two songs and then we'll hold our championship round on Sunday. Please, go forth and vote.

Songs From Before You Were Born vs. My Emotions! Or Inspirational

Fight! Fight! Fight! vs. Strut Out of the Locker Room


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