Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Section II Basketball Seeding Meeting

It's tomorrow! After what has seemed, to me at least, like the fastest basketball season in the history of mankind, the Section II basketball seeding meeting for sectionals is tomorrow afternoon.

In other words, sectionals start on Friday, folks. FRIDAY.

So, let's go over the plan for Wednesday. Seeds are expected to be released sometime around 1 p.m. and I'll be live-tweeting what I get as I get them from @LauraAmato. If you aren't following already, get on that.

The Record will also be posting the brackets for boys and girls on the website as soon as I finish typing them up. We'll be updating the brackets throughout the tournament with scores, teams and all kinds of info, so anything you need to know about, you can find there.

Finally, I'll be holding a live-chat through UStream on Wednesday night at 7:30 to talk all things sectionals and seeds and the games I'm especially psyched about. So you should probably stop by so I'm not talking to myself. Again, I'll tweet out the link to the stream when I start, and I promise it'll work this time, so following on Twitter is the best idea.

It's sectionals time everyone. This is when things start to get really fun.


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