Friday, January 4, 2013

Section II Response to Watervliet's Out-of-District Player

I reported earlier today that the Watervliet boy's basketball team - previously undefeated in the Colonial Council and currently ranked 8th in NYS among all Class B teams - was being forced to forfeit their five victories this season after it became clear that a player was actually living out-of-district.

I was informed of the situation from Watervliet superintendent Dr. Lori Caplan but I wanted to hear the "offficial" response from Section II. So here it is - straight from the e-mail of boy's basketball chairman Mike Lilac.

When asked if it was normal Section II procedure to have a team forfeit their wins in this situation, Mr. Lilac told me:
"If a team uses an illegal player (ex. - an out of district player) the rule is the team forfeits the games that he plays in."

So since the player has, presumably, been active in all seven of the Cannoneers' games this season, they had to forfeit all of those seven games; including the five victories.

As far as how this will affect Watervliet's seeding when it comes time for sectionals, Mr. Lilac explained that the criteria for that process covers situations such as this. Essentially, it's at the discretion of the seeding committee to decide where the Cannoneers will be seeded in the eventual Class B sectional tournament.

"Precedent has been set in dealing with teams that have had to forfeit games but are still one of the top teams in the classification," Lilac said. "I have a great committee and I know they will do what is fair to all the schools."


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